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Our legal establishment practices law in a variety of fields. It is amongst our devoted and conscientious attorneys at law that you will find the professional whom you are looking for in order to assist you with any and all your specific legal needs.

Our specialists differentiate themselves by their capacity to adapt to the reality of a world in constant evolution.
Our team of attorneys prides itself on its exceptional competence to efficiently answer all our clients’ individual needs. The philosophy and objective which we have set for ourselves, in our daily legal practice, is the complete and absolute satisfaction of our clients.

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Me Gabrielle Azran, Attorney at Law

Me Gabrielle Azran is the founding partner of the law firm of Azran & Associés Avocats Inc., which groups together a dozen lawyers, in various fields of practice, ranging from family law to labor law, immigration law, tax planning, tax litigation and much more, which are all detailed in the home page website, Lawyers in Mtl.

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Me Karl De Grandpré, LL. B.

Me Karl De Grandpré practices mainly in the area of Real Estate law, and more particularly in co-ownership law, both divided and undivided, mortgage recourses and hidden defects.

This expertise allows him to be the ideal professional, whether for a legal opinion, to collect common expenses due, for disputes before the Court and / or to assist you at a meeting of co-owners or administrators.

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Me Michèle Cohen, Civil and Commercial Litigation


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Me Stéphanie Douville, Civil Responsability and Litigation Law

Me Stéphaner Douville’s main areas of practice include civil litigation, construction law, civil responsibility law and family law.

Maître Douville is known for her capacity to define legal problems. She has a large sense of analysis and a logic which enable her to advise her clients while protecting their interests.

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Me Valérie Tellier, Labour Law

Me Valérie Tellier was admitted to the Québec Bar in 2005 and has practiced in various areas of law, such as general civil law, family law and civil responsibility. Maître Tellier’s main areas of practice are labour law and employment law, and more specifically areas regarding  An Act Respecting Labour Standards and An Act Respecting Occupational Health and Safety.

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Me Claudia Maheu, Family and Civil Law

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